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From George Melley’s Khartoum, and the Blue and White Niles (1852)

Below are my CV as well as works I've presented during my academic career. 

Curriculum Vitae: Link

Dissertation Prospectus: Link


The Failed Explorer: John Petherick and Reputation in Nile Exploration - presented at the Ohio Valley History Conference in October 2018.

The Shifting Borders of Egypt - Master's Thesis, defended and revised in 2015.

Classical Ghosts: Greco-Roman Influences on Enlightenment Travel Writings in Ottoman Egypt - presented at the Rocky Mountain Interdisciplinary History Conference in September 2015.

From Enlightened to Despot: The Shifting Orientalist Portrayals of Ismail Pasha, the Khedive of Egypt - presented at the Fifh Annual Texas A&M Graduate History Conference in Spring 2014.

“From Arabia Petraea to the Sinai: The Shifting British Portrayals of the Egyptian-Palestinian Border from the Victorian Era until the 1906 Aqaba Crisis” - presented at the Rocky Mountain Interdisciplinary History Conference  in September 2013.